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Real Police Reports

Police Reports from the U.S. and Around the World


A coin-operated child's ride was stolen from in front of Family Dollar, 2400 N St. Lincoln Police Capt. David Beggs said Tuesday that the motorized space shuttle ride, which was bolted to the ground, may have been missing for a while because store employees didn't notice right away that it was gone. A police report listed Shannon Schumacher of Perry, Iowa, as the owner of the shuttle. The loss was estimated at $1,000.

Inane Productions has put together perhaps the Webs most extensive list of local, U.S. and international police logs and police blotters. If you are like us, you always turn to that section of your local paper, to see who has been arrested or involved in some kind of trouble. 

We like looking at reports from all over the country and around the world. There is something about these 1 or 2 line descriptions of events we find fascinating.  We hope you do to.  We have put WPR together to make it easy for people like us to find all kinds of police reports.

Some links may take you to a main page, you will have to look around a little bit to find the most recent police report. In cases where we aren’t able to take you right to the most recent police report, we will take you to the main page of the website.  In most cases you will find the link to the most recent police report on the left hand navigation bar or at the bottom of the page.

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We have divided things up to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. We have:

Local police reports from your town, state or region.  It’s hard to explain why these bits of literary magic are so intriguing.  Maybe its because of the interesting little snapshots you get in a simple sentence or two.

Here are a few examples:

“Some unknown person(s) entered the girls bathroom located outside near the basketball courts and stole twelve fishing reels. The case is pending.”

“A caller on Southwestern Boulevard said he heard excessive moaning behind his house. A patrol found it was a foreign exchange student praying loudly.”

Of course, the U.S. isn’t alone in producing baffling police reports. 
Take a look at this one from Vietnam:

“Moun Chamroeun, 23, was sent to the provincial hospital for treatment after being knifed at midnight in Sre Tachey village, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang. Police said the man was stabbed in the stomach by a monk, Thou Sary, 17, after he and three companions tried to steal coconuts from Keo Buot Tearam pagoda. The monk was not arrested.

(editor note; we are not sure if the monk wasn’t charged because he is a monk or if defending your coconuts with lethal force is OK in Vietnam)


On a more serious note (not something we are good at) we have included police reports and associated documentation from some of the crimes and events that have changed our world. Use our links to see more about Jon Benet, O.J. Simpson, Columbine, the Lindberg Baby Kidnapping, university riots, major fires and more.